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Robotized workplace

What is a robotized workplace?

It is a device designed for optical inspection of parts by robots. These parts are automatically removed by the SCARA robot – no operator is needed to insert parts into the device. The robot can remove both loose parts from the conveyor and parts directly from the feeder.
The principle of the robot work consists in fixing the part and transferring it in front of the cameras, where the optical inspection will take place. The part inspected in this way is then moved to the corresponding boxes intended for OK and NOK parts.

We have working experience with SCARA robots STAUBLI and EPSON. In addition to applications designed for inspection the parts, we also offer the production of robotized workplaces for other applications built according to customer requirements.

What does it solve?

  • inspecting the completeness of the product
  • contactless dimensional measurement
  • print quality control
  • reading of 1D and 2D codes, text (OCR)
  • colour recognition

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