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Electric drives

We offer a solution of problems related to the application of electric drives in automated production. We provide comprehensive services from the design to the delivery and service. We focus primarily on drives and control units by the company Siemens and especially on Micromaster and Sinamics. The part of the delivery of drives control is the integration with the superior PLC control system.

We use drives:

  • Siemens – Micromaster, Sinamics rady V, G, S
  • Festo – CMMx-AS
  • Schneider Electric – LXM-32x, SD3x

We offer:

  • design of the suitable electrical drive and its control
  • specification of the industrial network for communication with the drive control
  • development of the application SW for the control unit of the drive
  • development of the application SW for the superior PLC control system
  • installation of the drive at the customer
  • drive debugging and functional testing, trial operation
  • warranty and post-warranty service, support

Area of application:

  • rotating machines (conveyors, fans, pumps)
  • winding/unwinding machines
  • controlled material containers
  • machines with torque, speed regulation
  • positioning of axes for manipulators
  • position and speed synchronization of drives
  • flying material cutting

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