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Control Systems and HMI

We develop applications of control systems for various industries. In most projects, we use control systems Simatic S7-1200 and S7-1500 by the company Siemens . To meet our customer´s requirements, we also offer to program control machines by other manufacturers – Omron, BoschRexroth, Bernecker&Reiner and others.

Máme zkušenosti s Bosch interním standardem OpCon (ATMO) pro PLC Bosch Rexroth, který se používá v závodech firmy Bosch. Jsme úspěšnými absolventy školení OpCon BCI-SP-OP015-MAP.

Technological processes are visualized on the Siemens operator panels or on the PC runtime visualizations.

We use PLC control systems and HMI visualizations


  • Siemens – SIMATIC S7-1500, S7-1200, S7- 300, S7-400
  • Bosch Rexroth, standard OpCon (Atmo)
  • Allen-Bradley – SLC500, ControlLogix


  • WinCC Flexible, WinCC
  • RSView Studio, RSView32
  • ControlWeb

We offer:

  • specification of the suitable control system
  • specification of the industrial network
  • architectural design of the distributed systems
  • design of the secure Fail Safe system
  • creation of the functional specification
  • development of the application SW
  • debugging of the SW on the device
  • individual and comprehensive testing, trial operation
  • training of operators and maintenance
  • instructions for the operation and maintenance
  • warranty and post-warranty service, support

To achieve consistent quality and reliability of the application software, we have created a standard for programming, which includes a library of control blocks, standardized faceplates and general order in the control program and documentation. The consequence is the reduction of the time needed for programming and with this related price reduction.

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